What do you think of Jeff Jarrett - WWE, WCW or TNA?

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What do you think of Jeff Jarrett - WWE, WCW or TNA?

Post by isrs4life » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:06 pm

What do you guys think of Jeff Jarretts WWE days when he was an IC Champ he tagged with Owen Hart
he won the european championship before.

Remember his famous quote from WCW listen up Slap Nuts
I thought it was cool when he use to say it he accomplished a lot when he was in WCW he was a former US Champion
and a former 4 time WCW Champion he defeated DDP, David Arquette, Kevin Nash and even Ric Flair for the belt.

I really thought it was cool about the wwa stuff he did it made me a fan of his more then I thought of him in WCW
I liked that he started his own wrestling promotion called nwa-tna I liked when he defeated Ron Killins for the NWA

I remember I got a tape of an NWA ppv tape me and he defeated AJ Styles to win the title once I thought that was
a cool night.

I really liked the first TNA ppv event where he wrestled Jeff Hardy in a ladder match where you saw Hall and Nash come in.
He just did really great.

I liked when he beat Raven for the NWA Championship during an independent wrestling promotion event back in 2005
he was with AMW I think to i'm sure that was a great moment i've always wanted to see that match.

He put over Rhino and Christian in such great ways even thow I thought Rhinos first NWA Championship win was 2 short
he lost it on an impact taping I believe.

Him vs. Kevin Nash was interesting.

I liked when he won the king of the mountain match in 2006

I liked when he put over Sting at Bound for glory 2006

His feud with Kurt Angle was also really good and he was written out of TNA so perfectly

that is all I can remember at the moment but thats my best memories of him I already said some stuff about
him an angle in a previous thread.

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