MTV's Lucha Libre USA

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MTV's Lucha Libre USA

Post by Mini Bennett » Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:47 am

Apparently MTV is trying their hand at wrestling yet again. If it's anything like Wrestling Society X, I will run away screaming.

Here's the site:

And results from someone who attended...

The show starts with RJ Brewer (former ROH Pure Champ John Walters) saying about how he hates the lucha libre style and that these Mexicans shouldn't be wrestling, they should be cutting his grass. After the brawl is cleared, Mini LA PARK brings a translator into the ring and challenges Chi Chi (some weird dude with a pink wig) and Tigresa Caliente (Rhaka Khan from TNA) to a match with a mystery partner of his choosing, they accept.

Match #1:Lizmark Jr, Mini Halloween and, Sydistico beat Octagoncito,Supernova and Mascara Porada in a good opener when Lizmark caught Octagoncito off the top rope and hit him with a spinning side slam.

Match#2:Charly Malice beats Rellik by DQ in a very back and forth match when RELLIK spits green mist in Charly's eyes.

Match #3: Mini Park and ??? beat Chi Chi and Tigresa Caliente. At first nobody comes out as Park's partner so it starts as a handicap match, but then out from under the ring comes AWESOME KONG. She picks up the pinfall after awesome bombing Chi Chi in a very entertaining match.


Match 4:Magno beats RJ Brewer (from earlier) in a pretty boring match with a roll up. RJ played a good heel but the crowd didn't really get into it because Magno botched like 4 moves.

Match 5: The Puerto Rican Power and Mascarita Dorada beat Mini Halloween, Neutron and in the match of the night with a corkscrew 450 slash. So many awesome spots in the match I can't even begin to name then, you'll have to watch the show to find out.

Supernova comes out saying he's looking for Sydistico and gives him 10 seconds to come out. He doesn't come out so Supernova runs backstage to get him.

Match #6:Main Event: Oriental and Tinieblas Jr beat Marco Colerone (Mark Jindrak from WWE) and ??? (some tall guy, I couldn't hear the ring announcer with Solid (some fat dude whos Marco's friend that came out with a box of donuts) as their manager. This match was good for what I saw of it, there were so many other things going on. After about 3 minutes Supernova come out brawling with Sydistico (apparently he found him). They climb up to one of the balconies in the theater were the cameras are recording everything. They start fighting up there and Nova gets control by using a latter. He then sentons on Sydistico from the top of the ladder. Then back in the ring the faces (Marco's team) has the advantage as the tall dude holds up Oriental in a chokeslam position as Marco hits a huge dropkick on him. Then all the main event heels and faces come out. Rellik attacked Solid. Manson and Lizmark started fighting. Supernova and Sydistico well the match was going on. Lizmark then distracted Marco well the referee wasn't looking so Oriental could roll him up for the 3 count.

I assume this is from the first show.

Kong hinted on her twitter that she will be back on primetime soon. How long will this last though?

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