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SassleMania II - Greg_McNeish vs. LondonChick62 [6/6]

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:26 am
by Little Jimmy
This is a match that really doesn't need any hype, but it has plenty of it.

Highlights are shown of various shenanigans and drama throughout the feud between Greg and LC. Greg's SassleMania cake being destroyed, LC being assaulted with her own hockey stick at the rink in front of a group of small children, just to name a few things highlighted leading up to this match.

Greg is out first and he has an intense look on his face, he's all business tonight

-The entire ramp suddenly turns to ice

LC's music hits and she literally skates her way to the ring waving her spiked hockey stick on the ice.

-Introductions are made and this match will be for the World Heavyweight Sass-Lippin' Championship

The bell rings and Greg and LC lockup...

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