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Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:45 pm
by El Canuck
Jimmy wants his thread back, so I'm going to move the WVW thingy I'm doing there to its own thread. I'll add to it at my own leisure, enjoy! The older material is still in Jimmy's thread, I'll start with the Slamboree PPV and go from there:

*Live, from the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, it’s WVW Slamboree on PPV! The pyro and concussion blasts go off and we go down to the colour commentary team of Adam Martin and Doug Lackey. They inform the audience at home of the results of the pre-show match between Isrs and newcomer Dram. The ending of which saw Isrs win after hitting his Bitch That DDT. We’ve got a stacked card of five matches and the big main event for the WVW World Heavyweight Championship between contender and Gauntlet of the Gladiators winner Jama vs. the champion Little Jimmy.*

1st Match: Redford Yellowsmith vs. Kid Zombie – In our opening contest we see the youngster known the Biotic Zombie take on WVW’s resident lawyer in a spirited match. The Kid has the speed advantage, but strength, endurance and experience are all on Redford’s side and it shows by the midpoint. It takes just north of six minutes, but Redford is able to wear out Kid Zombie and frustrate him into recklessness. The Kid swings wild haymaker, Redford ducks, catches the kid with an Atomic Drop, the kid falls into the ropes and teeters back into an O’Connor Roll with a handful of tights by Redford for a quick three count to start the show. – Winner: Redford Yellowsmith.

We’re taken backstage after Redford mugs it up for the nearest camera. Paul Nemer is in his office and his corporate cronies are with him. We see two rectangular shapes covered in black cloth on either corner of Nemer’s desk and the boss is looking quite charmed with himself.

“So Boss, are you going to tell us what you’ve got here or keep us in suspense all night?” Asks Greg McNeish.

“Why yes I am Mr. McNeish.” Nemer starts before turning to face the camera. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Paul Nemer, as the humble owner of WVW, have always striven to provide you, the fans with the very best in in-ring competition. In turn, WVW is a brand that you have come to trust over the years. So I find myself always asking, what can I do, to honor that trust? The answer is to keep you, the fans, entertained and happy. So, it is in that nature that I have found a new method of delivering you hard hitting, action packed WVW wrestling.” Nemer puts a hand on either piece of cloth. “With the brand new, WVW World Tag Team Championship.” Nemer reveals that beneath the cloth are two, pristine, gold plated, tag team belts in glass cases. The teams currently in contention for the titles are Corporate Meta and OMX, Greg McNeish and Mr. Morrison, Tiger Sass and El Hijo Del Sass and the Irishmen. Other teams will likely be added to this mix as they emerge, but those four will be our inaugural competitors. Now, back to ringside for more riveting WVW action!”

2nd Match: S.C. Xaio vs. Mr. L.K. – A battle between some of WVW’s global competitors takes place here as WVW’s very own Swedish representative takes on one of New Zealand’s contributions to the wrestling community. These two leave it all out there in the ring, Mr. L.K has the fan support, but SCX could care less, as he practically ignores their every attempt to get under his skin. SCX is able to take control at the five minute mark and seems intent on using the ropes and turnbuckles to slowly choke the Mr. L.K out. Holding him until the ref forces a break after a five count each time. SCX backs out after stomping L.K down into a mudhole at the ref’s insistence. He quickly tries to move back in but Mr. L.K. makes a desperation move, hauling SCX down face first onto the top turnbuckle pad. SCX stumbles out of the corner. Mr. L.K rushes out with all his energy and hits a spinebuster. 1…2…NO, SCX kicks out. They both take their time getting up on opposite sides of the ring. Mr. L.K. with a clothesline attempt, SCX ducks it, kick to the gut, he hoists LK face up across one shoulder in what the commentators say is the falling neckbreaker move that is SCX’s finisher, named the Inte Översätt. He motions for it, LK starts elbowing SCX in the head and he slides down behind SCX and onto his feet. SCX turns around LKO OUTTA NOWHERE! 1…2…3! This one’s over. Winner: Mr. L.K.[/quote]

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Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:46 pm
by El Canuck
*We go backstage to Jama and his entourage for the night: El Canuck, Lyontamer and EOB. Jama is in his gear and warming up for the match. They’re offering him bits of advice and pep talking while he paces about. “I survived the Gauntlet of Gladiators, having entered at number two and lasting through twenty nine others. Yet, my biggest challenge is tonight’s main event, a match against just one man. A man who is prepared to go to any lengths to ensure his own victory and that’s a man I cannot underestimate, under any circumstances. Jimmy, we will meet, we will fight and I ensure you, all will be left in the ring.” The camera goes to black as Jama continues to warm up.*

3rd Match: CXW vs. Robmayn - We’re back at ringside and the entrance music is playing for CXW as he makes his way to the ring for the next match. His opponent for this encounter is Robmayn and this match is sure to be a little bit of payback perhaps for CXW from the Gauntlet of Gladiators, as it was Robmayn who eliminated him from that match. Robmayn’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring, he’s got some energy behind him as he excitedly tries to work up the crowd. No sooner is he in the ring than Paul Nemer’s music hits. Both grapplers exchange a glance of confusion as the boss makes his way to the ring with his bodyguards following behind. Nemer has a mic in hand and asks for his music to be cut, still walking down the ramp the entire time.

“As entertaining a match as this was about to be, I had a thought. My bodyguards here are now to be a part of the new tag team division, so why don’t I just go ahead and give you all a first impression of what they can do. Ref, this match is now a tag team contest, those two in the ring against these two. Go ahead and ring the bell.”

The two would-be-opponents begrudgingly accept their fate and go to a neutral corner to strategize while OMX and Corporate Meta remove their black suit jackets and sunglasses and step into the ring.

*NEW* 3rd Match: Corporate Meta & OMX vs. CXW & Robmayn – This one starts off on the ring side of things, as the thrown together team can’t seem to decide who gets to start. The ref forces a choice and the rock/paper/scissors to decide, with Robmayn’s rock beating CXW’s scissors. Robmayn stays in the ring, CXW goes to the apron, Paul Nemer shouts at Corporate Meta and he charges across the ring and levels Robmayn from behind while he’s talking to CXW. Meta goes to town with the stomps on Robmayn, when he tires of that he picks him up and tosses him across the ring to the opposite corner. Nemer applauds Meta and instructs him to stomp some more, a request that Meta happily obeys. From here on out Nemer is dictating the action, telling Meta and OMX every move they should make against Robmayn and finally CXW, who he only gets to tag in because Nemer commands his bodyguards to allow it. CXW is able to get in the only amount of offense for his team when he hits a high dropkick that fazes OMX briefly, but the relief is short lived as his followup top rope crossbody splash is caught and turned into a military press slam. Finally, Nemer starts to grow bored with whole thing and orders his employees to bring it to a close. Corporate Meta is tagged in, CXW is set to a neutral corner, Meta whips OMX off the opposite corner into CXW for a huge avalanche splash on CXW. OMX whips his battered foe out to the waiting hand of Meta and a tall chokeslam. Meta gets the pin while OMX drives Robmayn from the apron to the floor. 1…2…3. It’s over. Winners: Corporate Meta & OMX.

Paul Nemer applauds his victorious team. Nearby Robmayn approaches WVW’s owner and asks the question everyone is wondering, “Why Mr. Nemer, why?”

Nemer grabs his employee with both hands and helps him up to his feet and answers him without a mic, but close enough to the cameras that it can be heard by the viewingaudience. “Because…I’m the boss.” Nemer snaps his fingers and OMX exits the ring. X grabs Robmayn over his head and tosses him through the bottom and middle rope and back into the ring. Nemer has a mic to hand again by this point and issues a command, “Meta, I want to see another chokeslam, please.”

No sooner are the words out of his mouth than Robmayn has a hand on his throat and is flying high through the air. Nemer and his bodyguards leave the scene quite content with what they’ve done, leaving Robmayn and CXW staring at the lights in the ring.

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Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:40 pm
by isrs4life
Yeah I call out Nemer...

The themes vs. No I like dark gray style.

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Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:16 am
by Dram
Putting over isrs was a personal mark-out moment for me.