Help with MySpace Music.

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Help with MySpace Music.

Post by Robmayn » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:55 pm

So, I logged into my MySpace account. I just use it to get music of new bands and hear their songs that would be impossible to do in a normal way. I found and acoustic live version of the song "Gotta Go" by band "Hermanas Sister" and it's really great. I wanna hear it whenever I want, but for some reason I cannot download it at all, not even the Buy option gives me a link to download it. I would look for a CD with the song, but this recording is not in any released material by the band. (At least note one that I have found as their CD's are extremely rare to find). There is a real way to get this kind of song so you can play them on your iPod?...

(Yeah, I have not found the version on Youtube either, it is ONLY on their MySpace page)

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